Thursday, 10 May 2012

Software: Final Cut Pro

  • To edit our television programme we used Final Cut Pro 7. 
  • Both me and Cat had used this editing programme before but only had minor experience, and we had never edited with a green screen or used the chroma keyer and most of the other effects and tools which we used to edit our programme. 
  • However, we got the hang of everything fairly quickly and only had a few problems when adding some parts of the green screen and making the images more sharper around the edges. 
  • Before we shot the actual footage in the green screen for our programme we decided that it would be a good idea to do a small test run in the studio to see what it would be like in the actual shoot. 
  • This footage also meant we could play around with it in final cut and get our heads around how it worked because it had been a while since we had used it last. We also used some of the green screen backgrounds which we had found. This was to see how they would work with someone moving around in them and just generally how we were going to edit Danny in the different scenes when it came to the real thing. 
  • When it came to editing the footage with Danny, we made it a lot easier for ourselves by the fact we made sure that we took a lot of coverage shots and placed Danny in different positions. 
  • This was so that if Danny messed up in any of the takes or we wanted to play around with putting him in different positions within the green screen backgrounds then we had that option to work with and do so. 
  • When we did get stuck with the editing and weren't sure what to do we used the book 'The Focal Easy Guide To Final Cut Pro 7 - Rick Young' and also videos clips and tutorials on youtube for example: ( these really helped us when we were struggling and were very simple to follow. 

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