Thursday, 10 May 2012

Filming In The Green Screen Studio

Filming in the green screen studio was actually surprisingly quite straightforward and simple. I think the fact that we went in to the studio as a group, knowing exactly what shots and scenes we wanted and how we wanted to shoot them really helped us. 

There was a slight problem in that Danny (the presenter) had quite a few lines to say and he didn't have much time to memorise all of the script. This meant that we had to film the programme in small takes so that he would look more relaxed and comfortable in the studio environment. This would help the final product to look real and like a professional children's television programme. During the shoot we decided to write some of the points that he had to talk about on a whiteboard. I held them up behind the camera so if he forgot or wasn't sure what he was meant to say then he could just have a glance at it and he wouldn't stop talking or stutter. This worked almost in the same way as an auto-cue, and if we were to make the programme again would would have put the script on a computer screen in large print so Danny could just read straight off that. 

We made sure that we filmed plenty of coverage shots in the green screen. This was because we wanted to make sure every shot looked good and Danny's delivery of each line was clear and in the way that we wanted him to say it. We also wanted as much time as possible for editing and post production. Overall shooting in the studio went really well and we were really pleased with the outcome and footage that we took. 

Here are a few photos from when we shot in the green screen studio: 

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