Thursday, 10 May 2012

Filming with our little star 'Mia'

  • As we are creating a children's television programme, we thought it would be ideal if we could get a child to feature in the programme. 
  • We thought that this would add another dimension and would enhance the programme's content. It would allow children to connect with the child on screen and engage with the programme more. Getting hold of a child to act and feature in the programme could have proved to be quite a big problem, this was because we are students trying to produce a film. This problem was however fixed because Cat's Goddaughter (Mia) lives in Essex which is a short drive away. Mia's Mum was totally fine with her being in our programme and luckily Mia was the perfect choice for the role. She fits into the correct age group for the programme, she is cute, and she is also fairly confident in-front of the camera. 
  • We set off to Essex to film a few little scenes with her and it turned out to be a really nice day out. We as a production group even bonded a little more as well. The weather was perfect and everything on the day went to plan! 
  • This is a photo of us and Mia on the day: 

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