Thursday, 10 May 2012

Music and Sound Effects.

  • Because our television programme is aimed at children we wanted to attract their attention and keep them engaged with the programme through out so we used a number of different sound effects during the show. 
  • To find these we used resources such as the BBC Sound Archive and the Garageband  software program on the iMacs. 
  • For the music at the beginning we wanted a short, child friendly, jolly, upbeat song and for this we decided to use the beginning few seconds of the song 'Somebody That I Used To Know' by 'Walk Off The Earth' which is a cover of the original song by Goyte (see youtube clip here).
  • This song worked perfectly and was just what we were looking for and we are really pleased with how it fits in with the opening tittles and short text animation.
  • For the theme song at the end of the programme (click here to listen to the song) we wanted a much slower paced one that the opening piece of music. This was because the children watching the programme would hopefully be settling down and getting calm ready to head into their bed.
  • From the beginning, the pace and rhythm of the program gradually slows down more and more so the children are in the right state of mind to go settle down and go to sleep because it is a bedtime television programme. 

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