Friday, 23 March 2012

Green Screen

We are currently looking at different ideas to use for the green screen component of out production. We need a studio style backdrop preferably colourful and attractive which is exciting and engaging for children to look at. A few ideas we thought for this was maybe having a general studio background, meadows and sun, seaside with the presenter on a boat and then a night time based one for when he is sending the children to go to bed and reading them a bedtime story. Here are some of the example images that I have found: 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


This is our basic idea for the structure, however, this is very likely to change.

1. Theme song and opening credits.

2. Welcome - the presenter introduces himself to the audience of children and welcomes them to he programme. 

3. Interactions with the children - asking the children what they did during the day, what they have eaten for tea/ dinner etc. these are followed up by an image, this prompts and guides the children.

4. Magic tricks - simple, bedtime time themed.

5. Getting ready for bed - presenter also gets ready for bed, child does the same.

6. Story - possibly 

7. Ending song - containing 'So let us now go to bed' or something similar at the end of the song to wrap everything up and guide the children into bed.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Possible Names For The Programme

As a group we have brainstormed a few possible names for our television programme so far we have come up with the names:

  • Children's time
  • Children's ten
  • Kids
  • Bedtime Beebies
  • Jimmyjimjams
  • Bedtime kids
  • It's bedtime kids

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Update 1.

I have now chosen a group to work with and we are happy and excited to be working with this idea. In the past week we have met up as a group and discussed our idea and concept in detail and made a few changes such as:

  • Having the presenter directly talking to the children and asking them how their day went and what things did they do, guiding them with clips and images on screen.
  • The presenter would also ask the children to do certain actions in preparation for getting into bed. For example, 'Let's get into our pyjamas' and then there's a flash and special sound effect and the presenter then appears dressed in some pyjamas.
  • He would also get the children to participate with things such as brushing their teeth at the same time as him, washing their face and also giving their Mum or Dad a goodnight kiss. This will help the viewer's parents get them ready for bedtime. For this feature we hope to get clips of a child following his instructions this will also help and guide the children to follow the presenters' instructions.
  • We have also had a few other ideas of what we can use for features within the programme such as; making something (crafts), poetry, and pets. 

Initial Pitch - Children's Television Programme

Our brief was to come up with a short pitch to come up with an idea for a short form television programme to create and produce. I came up with the initial idea of producing a children's television programme. 
  • It would air around 6:45/ 7pm just before parents are getting their children ready to go bed. 
  • Running time 8-10 minutes.
  • The content could possibly include items such as a bedtime story, craft making, song singing and other interaction with the audience.
  • The primary audience would be toddlers and children aged between 2-6 years old. 
  • Only 1 or 2 presenters would be involved because it's such a short program. They would however need to act over the top and exaggerate all of their actions to connect with the children and keep them engaged and interested in the program. 
  • The programme would mostly be shot in the television studio, however I would include a few shots on location in several places such as a park, riverside and a shop for example. The green screen in the studio would also help us to create verisimilitude and a sense of a real professional children's television programme. 
  • The budget would be very minimal if any because this is a student produced short film.