Thursday, 8 March 2012

Update 1.

I have now chosen a group to work with and we are happy and excited to be working with this idea. In the past week we have met up as a group and discussed our idea and concept in detail and made a few changes such as:

  • Having the presenter directly talking to the children and asking them how their day went and what things did they do, guiding them with clips and images on screen.
  • The presenter would also ask the children to do certain actions in preparation for getting into bed. For example, 'Let's get into our pyjamas' and then there's a flash and special sound effect and the presenter then appears dressed in some pyjamas.
  • He would also get the children to participate with things such as brushing their teeth at the same time as him, washing their face and also giving their Mum or Dad a goodnight kiss. This will help the viewer's parents get them ready for bedtime. For this feature we hope to get clips of a child following his instructions this will also help and guide the children to follow the presenters' instructions.
  • We have also had a few other ideas of what we can use for features within the programme such as; making something (crafts), poetry, and pets. 

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